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    Hey tumblr! Did you know that if you suffer from depression / anxiety or any other mental illness, you can register your dog as an emotional support animal, making it illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to you? That’s right. No breed restrictions, no weight restrictions, no matter what, they are not allowed to refuse.

    This includes cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, etc.!! Go here to register your pet as an ESA :~) 

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    College be like



    Housing: $2,980
    Meal plan: $1,457
    Books: $1,429
    Enrollment: $983
    Air: $3,274
    Grass: $4,284
    Sidewalk: $5,284
    The sun: $3,381

    FASFA BE LIKE : $14.78

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    I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine. - (via bl-ossomed)

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    “After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week.”

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    anyone looking for a short girl who makes lame jokes and tries to look good but fails hmu

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